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Books I Read and I Should Read

Posted Sep 11 2008 3:36pm

This year I’m doing better in reading. Well, if you look at the list of books that I read, I’m sure you would laugh. These are garbage books, not going to enhance my spirits (except the Left Behind Series), not going to help in my job, not going to give me new skills or food for thoughts… But they are fun to read. :P

Okay, here is the list of books that I managed to read in 2007:
- Harry Potter 7: The Deathly Hallows
- Dan Brown: Angels & Demons
- Dan Brown: Digital Fortress
- Dean Koontz: The Husband (audio book)
- Lydia Tan: Honk! If You’re Malaysian
- Left Behind Series:
* The Indwelling
* The Mark
* Desecretion
* The Remnant
* Armageddon
* Glorious Appearing

I think I read the first 5 or 6 books in the Left Behind Series last year. Can’t really tell which ones I read last year and this year.

I’ve been trying to be a good girl, trying to read something that is ‘good’. I have a few books that my US boss recommended. He is a person of action, not just words. So, he bought them and posted to all members in his team, when he has something to recommend.

In addition to these ‘recommended’ books, I’ve also purchased a couple of ‘useful books’ for my work, and received a few as gifts. Very expensive books, but they’ve been left on the shelf since arrived. I’m very guilty in this.

A few times, I’ve been trying to pick these ‘good books’ up. Everytime when I hold them, my mind goes to the novels I have, and I’d finally put down and burry my head into those novels. Sigh! I really must read one of those recommended books.

Okay, what are these books? Dadadada! Warning! Boring list ahead!
- The Naked Consumer Today (Synovate)
- Don’t Fire Them, Fire Them Up (Frank Pacetta)
- Critical Thinking (William Hughes & Jonathan Lavery)
- if you’re so brilliang… HOW COME YOUR MARKETING PLANS AREN’T WORKING? (Malcolm McDonald)
- Market Research in Action (Michael Roe)
- Market Research Best Practice (ESOMAR)

Sigh! They looks are like text books to me… :( Can I read my novel first ah? :P

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