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Book Review: Why You shouldn’t Eat Your Boogers By Francesca Gould

Posted Jan 07 2009 3:03pm

I am not sure why this book was written. If it started out as a joke, guess what? It is not funny. The content mostly reads like a bad book of facts for adolescents. It was painful to read knowing that an adult wrote this. I think that if this was written by a tween, or even a teen, it may have worked, as some of the information is just weird. The author is British, which for me was a disappointment, as those close to me know I love everything British!

OK let me start with what I feel went wrong with this book. First, the actual binding is bad; as I opened the book the pages literally fell out and fell apart. Which should have been an omen for me, but hey, I now felt it was a challenge. The titles of each section should have been my second clue as to how bad it would be. Titles like: Is it possible to make furniture out of human skin? And why does body odor smell so bad?

Why does a blackhead have a black head? What does human flesh taste like? And my all time favorite: Can you light a fart? Why would someone need to know this? I know that some authors feel they want to write books that are different, or off the wall to get attention or to sell their books, but I think this author must have had really bad writers block to come up with this really bad book. I would be insulted if this was given to me as a gift, and furious if I had bought it for myself. Take my advice. Pass on this one.

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

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