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Book Review: Train Your Brain More: 60 Days to an Even Better Brain ~ Dr. Ryuta Kawashim

Posted Apr 15 2009 11:10pm

This book is for Adults with increased forgetfulness, such as difficulty remembering people’s names, spelling words, or expressing thoughts. For adults who want to have more creativity, memory skills, communication skills and slow the mental effects of aging. This book was like playing the Nintendo DS brain games, except without the Nintendo DS. It is full of math problems, although very simple, activate the brain more effectively than any other activity. According to the research that the author has done, calculation and oral reading exercises are the optimal training methods. He shows you with illustrations, what parts of the brain work while you think, watch TV. , while you write, silently read, solving simple calculations slowly, while you read aloud, solving difficult calculations, and solving simple calculation problems quickly. He also found that simple calculations and oral reading exercises alleviated symptoms of dementia. It has a section to check your brain function by using the pre-training pre cortex evaluation. By using the book only a few minutes a day you can train your brain to work better for you in 60 days! The back of the book has worksheets and also the color test. It has you say the color of the word you see out loud, the word may be red but printed in blue. You must say the color of the word not the word. I found myself actually missing a few of these! It can be very challenging. The math part at first seems like grade school, (or the homework my nine year old grandson brings home) but I found I couldn’t just whiz through as I thought I would be able to!! It has word memorization tests and I found those to be the hardest, but was cheering myself on as I slowly got a little better each time I did the tests! I enjoyed this book, and am proud of the test score I had at the end of it all. I would give this to quit a few people, some who need it and then the ones who don’t think they do!
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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