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Book Review: The Writing Diet: Write Yourself Right-Size by Julia Cameron

Posted Aug 05 2008 5:09pm

Reviewed by Sandra

If you’re looking for a duplicate to the author’s previous book, The Artist’s Way, then this book is great. I have to admit that I started this book with high hopes. Unfortunately I didn’t get very high.

Ms. Cameron has some wonderful suggestions; ones we have all seen and heard before. Such as: walk everyday for at least twenty minutes, write a daily journal, write down everything you put into your mouth. But I never thought to do her “Morning Pages” with a diet. The morning pages are an old, but useful technique when applying them to your everyday life. I found them unhelpful for my dieting. It was redundant. Actually it seems to be the same book as The Artist’s Way but with different packaging and lingo.

It becomes too intense for someone trying to shed a few or a lot of pounds without feeling your are sitting on your shrink’s couch. Her tasks at the end of each chapter are almost laughable, such as, “Take a look at your relapses,” or “Mirror on the wall,” and oh, let’s not leave out the, “Walk your talk.”

I’m sorry if this sounds a bit harsh, but I found that this book was of no help.

Rating:1 out of 5 stars

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