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Book Review: The Value Of Money by Susan McCarthy

Posted Nov 17 2008 6:01am

In The Value Of money the author Susan McCarthy goes over the different relationships we have with money. She has been helping people with their money for 25 years now, and she has come up with some interesting discoveries.

She focuses on specific life transitions like Marriage, divorce, Death, and how each episode affects people and their money, and how they deal with it.

She also has developed the seven “money types” or categories people fall into.

1.The money is King type

2.The Little-lamb type

3.The Wolf never leaves my door type

4.The I’ll pick up the bill if you just… type

5.The money martyr type

6.The all is well type

7.And the spread the joy type.

Do we recognize ourselves in these types? She covers money and marriage, money and the second time around, splitting up money as a weapon, retirement, and so on.

As I read I feel the author is very knowledgeable and does it in a way as not to make you feel like you are way over your head in following her train of thought. I never felt stupid or feeble!!! She gives good sound advice and I feel she knows what she is talking about and doing. I definitely will be following the advice I came across as it pertains to me. It had me feeling a little bit more relieved.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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