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Book Review: The Truth About You by Marcus Buckingham

Posted Nov 15 2008 8:50am

Every high school should offer this package to every student in the 10 th grade, and go over it every year after that. I wish I had this in high school. If I had this tool as a student, I think I would have excelled in anything I put my mind to do, and had a better insight as to what was ahead or “out there waiting for me”.

Marcus Buckingham has a really great idea here, and the way he offers and presents it is fabulous. And I am just bugged that I am too old now to use it in my own life and career!!!! I definitely think this is for the young population just starting out finding where they belong in the work/career world.

Marcus gives some really good advice, thoughts and examples as to what you need to look at and strive for to be really happy and satisfied with the choices life has to offer us or actually the choices we, as individuals need to make and follow through with. The package offers a DVD (which I suggest to watch the “film” first, and everything after), and downloadable work sheets to use after you watch the film, a memo pad to use to jot things down he has you looking for or thinking of with his week assignment.

Don’t get discouraged with the assignments as they really make you realize just how much we listen to what other people think is “It’s just the way it is”, or what we feel is “The way it has always been”. The only real downside to this I feel is the actual packaging of the book and DVD. I think it should be more accessible, and the book should be spiral bound and removable. But that is really the only thing I had a negative opinion on. GREAT JOB MARCUS!!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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