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Book review: Royal Blood A Novel of Tudor England by Rona Sharon

Posted Jul 13 2009 10:12pm

royal blood image Romance novels are meant to take you away on a journey from your real life. Boy does this one take you. As romance novels go, this one was an adventure, and also kind of makes you scratch your head and think “huh”? To have the supernatural and paranormal in the story was great, as this seems to be the new “thing” these days with the vampires and such and was somewhat refreshing. Now I watched the “Tudors” on cable television, and I loved it, so I naturally thought this would be a kind of make believe version of that but romantic if you know what I mean? Well I don’t know if it was because I watched the Tudors on television, but some of the information was way off, and at times was a little hard to follow. Now don’t get me wrong as far as historical romance novels go this is a very good one, but if you are going to have all the proper language, then you may as well have a glossary in the back as quite a few times I had to pull out the trusty dictionary to look up the meaning on some words, a task I might say I have never had to do for a romance novel, but the thesaurus was most definitely used and at times I had no clue as to what the author meant. For example the word chryselephantine or contagion…huh? Now if you can get past the “sulfurous” and the oh so many alas’s or if you like the book that keeps you in touch with your dictionary, then you will enjoy the read. I personally thought if this book is filled with this then it’s going to be very hard to finish. But I finished it and was glad, as I loved to see the supernatural plot come into it and also the vampire killings too. Try it if you like the fast paced romance novel with a twist, and the newest vampire craze. I think you will enjoy it. Oh by the way the word chryselephantine means made of gold and ivory… who knew?


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