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Book Review - "Wild Goose Chase" by Mark Batterson

Posted Jan 27 2009 6:23pm

Been on a "Wild Goose Chase" lately? Well, it's time! And Mark Batterson is just the one to inspire you to begin your chase! Mark Batterson is well known within my family and circle of friends - even most of the strangers I meet. Why? Because when you read one of Mark's books - you cannot help but tell everyone, and I do mean everyone, how your life has been changed as a result of one of his books. And, "Wild Goose Chase" does not disappoint - in fact, it leaves you hoping that Mark has already started his next book.

Mark's writing style is refreshingly relevant and you find yourself identifying, not only with Mark, but with the lives of the ordinary people he introduces us to in his books. When you read any of Mark's books - you realize that living the life you have always wanted is actually attainable. Mark reminds us that Jesus can take a moment of vulnerability in our lives and turn it into a defining moment. It happens. And it happens to ordinary people....who make the decision push past their fears and find the courage to live the life God has called them to - with passion and purpose.

"Wild Goose Chase" is about reclaiming the adventure of pursuing God. Mark discusses "six cages that keep us from roaming free with the Wild Goose and living the spiritual adventure that God destined us to."

The cage of responsibility: "Responsible irresponsibility means refusing to allow your human responsibilities to get in the way of pursuing the passions God puts in your heart...the will of God is difficult to discern because it often involves a decision that seems irresponsible."

The cage of routine: "We need to change our routine, take some risks, and try new things. And if we do, we will find ourselves coming alive again. "

The cage of assumptions: "We pick and choose the truths we want to accept. We become trapped by our own logic. Our lives are limited to those things we can comprehend with our cerebal cortex. We end up in the cage of our own assumptions. And the more assumptions we make, the smaller our cage becomes."

The cage of guilt: "Guilt has a shrinking effect. It shrinks our dreams. It shrinks our relationships. It shrinks our hearts. It shrinks our lives to the size of our greatest failures. Grace has the opposite effect. It expands our dreams. It expands our relationships. It expands our hearts. And it gives us the courage to chase the Wild Goose all the way to the ends of the earth."

The cage of failure: "Few things are as disorienting as in-between times - between jobs, between relationships, or between a rock and a hard place. But nothings rattles the cage like a bad diagnosis, a pink slip, or divorce papers. They cause the compass needle to spin. And we feel lost because our plans and our lives fall apart. But the upside is that is causes us to seek God with a raw intensity that cannot be manufactured any other way. Disorientation has a way of driving us to our knees. And that is one reason why the bad things that happen to us can actually turn into the best things that happen to us."

The cage of fear: "Most of us let our fears dictate our decisions. We are so afraid of making the wrong decision that we make no decision. And what we fail to realize is that indecision is a decision. And it is our indecision, not our bad decisions, that keep us in the cage. Maybe we need to come to grips with another aphorism: nothing ventured, nothing gained."

Be sure and check out the " Wild Goose Chase" website for more information. You can get your copy of Mark's new book at the following retail locations:, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Family Christian Bookstores, Parable Christian Bookstores and CBD.

The chase is on! Care to join me? Leave a comment on this post and you will be entered to win a FREE copy of this incredible book! I will choose a winner on Labor Day!
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