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Book Review: How to Mess Up Your Child’s Life: Proven Strategies & Practical Tips ~ Olivia & Kurt Bruner

Posted Jun 11 2009 6:05pm

Don’t let the chapters fool you. Titles like: Feed an enormous ego by always rescuing children from failure. Promote deep seated unhappiness by modeling resentment for what others have. Ignite an expressive temper by showing children how to get even when they’ve been offended.

Develop an eager sense of greed by giving kids everything they want. Motivate laziness by doing the children’s chores yourself. These are the topics that are covered in the chapters of this book. Really, rush right out and get this, especially if you have a new baby, toddler of even young school age children and read and take notes! Isn’t it every parents dream to have a selfish, lazy, fat mean child to nurture into adulthood?

As I read this book I was scared. But as I read on I loved it!! The authors have taken a hilarious look at what all parents dread, and actually showed us how to make your child into something you would dread, as a parent to have your child become!! Did that make sense? Well, read this book and you will laugh and really get what the authors are trying to do.

The humor that went into this writing was fantastic. I read it three times and still laugh and the sad part is I see a lot of kids I have known through the years whether they be relatives or friends kids, or just kids out at the grocery store. We have all at some point seen the screaming tantrum throwing kid lying in the Wal-Mart isle because Mom won’t buy them the toy they are holding onto for dear life, and said in our heads” if that were my kid I would smack them right here in front of the whole toy isle!

It’s a fun look into how not to raise your children, and laugh the whole time you are doing it. Brilliant. I recommend this for all parents who just need a break from the typical how to books, and chuckle while you read it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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