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Book Review: Growing up on the Spectrum, A guide to life, love and learning for teens and young adults with Autism and Asperger’

Posted Apr 10 2009 11:11pm 1 Comment

When I think of Autism, I think of my seven year old grandson Jordon. A child, who through the help we receive from school and specialists and the books I have read, is now living a mostly normal life in the first grade and he was diagnosed with a mild case of Autism. I never give thought to him as a teen or young adult. This book does. It helps us to step by step help our children into teens and young adults with Autism and Asperger’s , but in a way that you would expect from these two authors. Most books I read are on the small child, either just diagnosed or the warning signs to look for if you suspect. None have gone as far as this one and I am grateful. It gives us an idea what to expect and to look for as far as signs and questions that will surely be coming our way in time. It is well written and the different topics it covers is just fantastic. Some I would never have thought to ask someone about, yet, they cover it all. From friendships, conversations, outings and get togethers, to dating, making school successful, beyond college life and improving daily life. I was reading actual circumstances that Autistic kids have gone through and situations they find themselves facing and how to work through them. I think my main concern for Jordon is that he not be taken advantage of anywhere especially school where you want to feel as parents that your child is safe from harm, but there are kids who will take advantage of and bully, and it scares me as at this point Jordon doesn’t know to tell us if someone is mean, bullies or hurts him. This book helped me to feel much better and when Jordon becomes a teen and then young adult, I really feel he has a fighting chance for a normal happy life. And we will be there the whole way to make sure he gets that chance. I will keep this book.

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Although I have not yet read this book, I will definitely be recommending it to my client's parents. I have read several reviews on this book and heavily believe that is worth the read. I work for Speech Therapy Center in Miami, Fl and we too are promoting communication wellness and awareness.

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