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Book Bind

Posted Oct 03 2007 12:00am

Oct 3, 2007 by Sarit Catz | Categories , ,

My nine-year-old daughter, Freckles, is a big reader. It’s great, although I think I’m single-handedly keeping Amazon in business. She’s at that “tween” stage where they read a lot of book series. All of Nancy Drew, Lizzie McGuire, Camp Confidential. Now she’s reading a series called the Beacon Street Girls. ( )

The Beacon Street Girls are a multi-ethnic group of friends in junior high. I read the back cover of a few of the books, they seemed appropriate. I bought them. Freckles read them. She wanted more. I bought the rest of the series to date online.

One night before bed, Freckles comes out of her room very upset. She’s crying, she’s panicky, she wants to do “that breathing thing.” In through the nose, hold, out through the mouth. You know.

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