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Boo-Dock: A Lesson in Cooper’s Language

Posted Apr 14 2009 11:39pm

What follows is a basic vocabulary that’s required to converse with Cooper at this stage in his development. If you should enter his territory during the day, this guide will help you decipher his language, and communicate with him. Listed below are some common words, followed by their definition and additional helpful information.

  1. Boo-Dock: Fruit Ba r. Often preceded by the pronoun “my” for emphasis.
  2. Ah-duh: All done. Sometimes used to declare that he is finished with a half-eaten meal, rather than as a factual indicator of state.
  3. Ah-sy: Outside. Pronounced similarly to its English equivalent, but without the final “d” sound.
  4. My: My or Mine. Also used to indicate a preference or demand for a specific item, as in My Ah-sy:  I want to go outside now, you lowly prokaryote.
  5. Up: Up. Used as a request to be lifted.
  6. Dow: Down. A request to be put back down, and often used immediately after the previous item.
  7. Oag: Hug. A request that family and friends are happy and quick to fulfill.
  8. Dootie: Dirty.
  9. Ah-clee: All clean.
  10. ‘Ight ah: Light on. A request to turn the light on, or an indication of a light’s state.
  11. ‘Ight ahLight off. A request to turn the light on, or an indication of a light’s state. Distinguished from the above by context and inflection.
  12. Shoe ah: Shoe on. A request to put shoes on, or an indication of a shoe’s state.
  13. Shoe ah: Shoe off. A request to take shoes off, or an indication of a shoe’s state.
  14. Ah, sah-da!: Exact translation unknown. Appears to be an exclamation used upon encountering a new object, or an object that had previously disappeared for a time.
  15. Eh-thoo: I love you.

These are only some basics, as Cooper’s language is much richer, and vocabulary is growing daily. Please contact Cooper’s parents for translation requests, if needed.

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