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Bone Tired and National Crazy Sock Day

Posted Apr 27 2010 7:47am

Did you know that that’s how NCSD started? Yes, it started with a nice little family with two children and a dog that’s in heaven, and they were moving into a house that needed a few little minor overhauls. They found themselves so exhausted that they were leaving trails of laundry in the parking lot, falling over in the shower and sending their kids to school with mismatched socks. So they just decided to make that the normal thing instead of the “weird” thing.

Okay, really now, I could not find Sophie’s other sock this morning for the LIFE of me. Mitchell has testing all this week at school and we could not afford to be late. Sophie can’t wear flip flops or sandals to school so we were really up a creek. I dumped out two baskets full of laundry and combed through hers and Mitchell’s dressers but could not find a matching sock. My sock on her ended up looking like a dagum orthopedic knee high so I was down to one pink sock and one striped sock. I knew I had to put a positive spin on wearing two different socks since that was our only option. I told Sophie that she was going to get to start her own Holiday called “National Crazy Sock Day” and that she would be the only one wearing two different socks and how cool was that?! She thought about it for a second and then smiled and said,  “Yeah, that’s fun!”

Here are her socks:


And here is the note that I paper clipped to her dress (couldn’t find a safety pin)


Right as we were walking out the door Sophie spotted her other striped sock under Randy’s dresser. She begged me to let her wear it. Now that is sad when  a child has to coerce her Mother into letting her wear matching socks.

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