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Blow up your TV.

Posted Jul 31 2013 10:18am

023/365 - Throw away your television

Last week, Andy and a couple of his friends had a conversation about how ridiculous it is that we spend so much money on cable TV and how it is just rotting our kids’ brains. I personally couldn’t have cared less if we have cable or not – that is, until I looked at our bank statement and saw how much we pay for it.

$140 a month. For cable. That does not include phone or internet.

Are you freaking kidding me?

So now I’m totally on the “It’s rotting their brains!!!” bandwagon because, come on, that is a lot of freaking money. I don’t know how much I thought it cost, but I sure didn’t think it was that much!

So now I’m trying to figure out alternatives – we already have a Roku, Netflix and Amazon Prime, but what else do we need? Hulu+? Apple TV? Is there such a thing as an antenna for local channels any more?

Have you ditched cable and lived to tell about it? I want to hear your success stories – and what you did with all the money you saved!

P.S. This just goes to show that everything you need to know you can learn from John Prine.

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