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Blogger is not my friend

Posted Feb 03 2010 8:38am
I do all of my web work myself (like that isn't obvious). So right now, with no more FTP support by Blogger, I'm in a bit of a pickle. Their nice and easy solution of using custom domain mapping does NOTHING for me. See, I don't point my "blog" to the main domain of In fact, I go to a subdirectory (/blog), thus--I'm screwed.

Have not found an easy way to work this, other than to just pull the blog for now and rework it to another address completely and then integrate this NEW URL into my website. But, honestly, I think that sucks. And I don't want anyone viewing my blog to have to go elsewhere to read my writing. Hell, I pay for this domain and space, I want all of my content there. Not to mention that 8 million links floating out there that already point to this space using it's today url (but after next week won't work).

So, that means, I might not be blogging anytime soon until I figure this out. And I'll definitely be cursing Blogger until the end of time. I've spent over 4 years blogging with them. This might mean I leave.
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