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Bitchin’ Camaro

Posted Oct 29 2010 5:13am
To make a short story long…

I see them everywhere – on TV, in magazines , online and, of course, on the road. I can’t help but take a second or two to stare. Whenever I see a 2010 Chevy Camaro , I immediately flashback to Memorial Day weekend .

My husband (who was my long-distance boyfriend at the time) and I, had the ride of our lives when we had the opportunity to cruise up and down the California coast in one Bitchin’ imperial blue Camaro .

The Big Move

It was in April that Mr. Right made the big decision to move to San Diego. Getting this car and driving up to Santa Barbara for the weekend was all planned as a celebration of this next, major step in our relationship, our future as a same-city couple.

The Big News

It’s funny how things work out and how the timing of many great, life-changing events can stop you in your tracks and cause you to change directions. Just three days before he was to get on the plane to meet me (and jump into the Camaro to head North), I found out I was pregnant .

Needless to say, this changed everything. How could it not?

Immediately, my mind started racing. How is this long-distance relationship going to work now? Could I handle being a mom all over again? How will Mr. Right feel about all this? Will he be able to move out here before the baby comes? Will he change his mind about our future together?

It’s amazing how pregnancy instantly turns a woman’s brain into a crazy mess of emotions, doubt, and fear.

Change of Plans

Our weekend ahead suddenly looked much different to me as I spent those next few days anxious, worried, emotional. Instead of thinking of our special weekend together as a chance to slow down, I was focusing on how everything had suddenly sped up for us.

Memorial Day Weekend

He landed in San Diego Friday afternoon and I remember feeling nervous (near tears kinda nervous) as I parked the Camaro and waited for him inside the airport. I felt different. Did I look different?

I could barely think, let alone stand and yet as soon as I saw him coming down the escalator and made eye contact with him, I knew. I just knew that everything was going to be all right. I was able to breathe easier, my shoulders felt more relaxed and somehow I just knew that our life together was forming into the perfect shape – and size – that it was meant to.

I just couldn’t think of a way to say this, or anything at all. I was at a complete loss for words, which is not like me.

Road Trip

As we drove along the coast, we enjoyed the sights, smells and sounds of the entire journey. We spent most of that time taking everything in without saying a word. We took pictures – of the view, the Camaro, and of the two of us as we cruised along with the windows down and the music blaring.

The fact that we could plug in our iPhone into the car and see our playlist displayed on the screen and use the controls to select our music was pretty cool. My phone automatically connected through the Bluetooth and I loved absolutely everything about the car (although visualizing an infant car seat in the back wasn’t quite working for me).

Driving the Camaro was an amazing experience, but this post isn’t really about the car (in case you just joined us).

Perfect Getaway

The entire weekend was perfect; unplanned and unexpected in many ways, but as we lay on the beach just South of Santa Barbara, we talked, finally, about everything.

We talked about our past, our future and how excited we both were to be on this crazy adventure, together.

Road Trip

Mr. Right and I got married in July (on a different beach in California) and even though his every intention was to move out to San Diego to join my son and I as quickly as possible, things didn’t go as smoothly as we had hoped.

This weekend, Halloween 2010, he’s on the same road trip that I embarked on eleven years ago. He’s leaving his home state and driving West with all of his belongings to join us, finally.

He may not be behind the wheel of a bitchin’ Camaro, and I’m not in the passenger seat just yet, but the fact that our paths are finally merging is pretty exciting.

Final Destination

No one can predict their future, although as I type that, I’m reminded of the time I spoke with a psychic who told me I’d be married (to Mr. Right) but that where we would end up living didn’t really matter. It’s true. Our journey has taken us in a direction neither one of us could’ve imagined just one year ago, but our memories intersect ( 15 years or so of memories ) and Memorial Day weekend will forever be linked to our incredible journey – and one bitchin’ Camaro.

To be continued…

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