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Birthday Weekend

Posted Feb 08 2013 9:41am

Friday na agad? Saan napunta ang linggo ko?

I have no idea how my week went.. I am really surprised it’s Friday already! Time flies really fast.. in a few more days, it will be March.. and school will be over.. and it will be summer!

And speaking of summer, we had an early summer last weekend :) part of my birthday celebration. OK that reminds me how my week went.. rest the whole week! I was super tired that weekend.. imagine preparing for the party on Saturday (set up pool and cook food) and laundry on Sunday… Pagoda Coldwave lotion talaga ang peg ko that weekend. On Sunday afternoon, my whole body’s aching..specially my arms (ikaw ba naman maglaba ng 5 basket ng damit)..thank goodness for pain reliever!


One Alaxan FR + hot chocolate and I’m off to lalaland..

and because Alaxan FR contains pain relievers (Ibufropen and Paracetamol) trusted by doctors worldwide, I had a good night sleep and was not even bothered with my arms. The pain subsides just a few minutes after taking it. Based on Unilab website, this can be taken every 6 hours but from experience, I took another dose 10 hours after.. when I felt the pain in my arms again.

Aside from muscle pain, Alaxan FR can be also taken to relieve from rthritis, rheumatism, sprain, strain, bursitis (inflamation of the fluid-filled sac or bursa that lies between a tendon and skin), tendonitis, backache, stiffneck, tension headache, dysmenorrhea, toothache pain after tooth extraction and minor surgical operations, fever reduction.


Tama naman si Pacman: Aray mo, Galing Mo.. ang kaligayahan ng mga anak ko at ang labada ko ang galing ko hihihi

Yes, two inflatable pools.. and I have a manual pump.. this is where half of my muscle pain went hahaha

And why two pools you may ask? because the little girl is afraid to swim on the bigger one, so we bought a smaller from her.. but when her sanko and kuya Dylan (cousin) joined her on the smaller pool.. she fall on the water and went to me crying (more like wailing haha):

sabi mo hindi ako malulunod doon sa maliit na swimming pool? eh bakit nalunod pa din ako? waaaaah 

And this is what we had as my birthday lunch:

Boodle fight!

We bought the crabs at Farmer’s Cubao (3 pieces for 1200 PhP) as well as the shrimp (600 per kilo) and also the tilapia (buhay pa yan noong nabili ko). The sigarilyas came from my garden and the mangoes from the crate we bought last week.

Kumpleto ang bulilits for this party.. actually that’s the reason why we had swimming party last weekend, kase ng kumpleto sila (cousins) and it seldom happens as both my nephews are living in the province.

There goes my week.. now I wonder what this weekend will give me?

Happy Weekend guys!

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