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birds on a wire...

Posted Aug 04 2008 12:00am

The babies LOVE to go to Grandma's. They just love her house. It is their home away from home. They have all their toys in their "play room", their cribs in their nursery and most of all they have the birds on the wire. When we arrive at Grandma's they run immediately to her back room aka their "play room". They have their favorite toys but I think they love what is out the window even more. You see out Grandma's back window there is always birds. They LOVE climbing up on her couch & watching the birds. This activity is one of the few things that can really occupy their time. No matter what they are doing if we say "Ohh there's a bird!" They will drop whatever it is & come running! They start looking out the window for their "friends". They just LOVE watching them! There must be something about animals that amazes them. Sometimes there is just one or two sitting on the power line. I think they would freak if anymore appeared. They just stare & point in the direction of their new friend. I think they would even try to catch one if they could! It is so cute to watch them search the skies for anything that flies. Planes, the Blimp and especially birds! I cannot wait to bring them to Butterfly World & let them feed the birds. They will be SO excited! For now they will just have to settle for...

birds on a wire...

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