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Binbin’s Soccer Skill has Improved!

Posted Sep 07 2013 11:59am

From nothing (when Binbin started out earlier this year) to what he did today at  the Singapore Sports Council Open House, I am impressed with the improvement he had made.

We were quite disappointed with the way training went with the kids soccer training group which we joined in March this year. (Read post here “ Crucial Updates for Previous 3 Blogposts “). It had been almost 6 months and there had not been any proper training for their age group, unlike the older groups, where positioning and skills were briefly taught. I did a review post on the training provided here : “ First Soccer Tournament “, after one month with this group.

So ever since then, we had been searching for other kids soccer training school or classes for Kitkit and Binbin. However, the professional ones comes with a big price tag which we were not willing to pay, until we found the Young Warriors last week.

Sad to say, the Young Warriors had just ended their training term in August and will only resume training again early next year. But our disappointment was short-lived when we found out that the Warriors Coaches will be giving soccer training for kids in the month of November and December under the Singapore Sports Council. Without hesitation, we went for today’s Open House and registered my boys for the 2 months training by the Warrior Coaches!

The boys brought their soccer gears and had a great ‘Try-Out’ session with the other Young Warriors for a good 2 hours plus! They refused to go for their weekly training until the ‘Try-Out’ session was completely over. By the time we rushed down to my boys’ usual weekly kids soccer training, they were more than 1 and half hour late! *bleh* Though they had only 30 mins with their weekly soccer-teammates, they felt that the trade-off was worth it.

As Allan is unsatisfied with the training they had been receiving from their weekly soccer training, he became their ‘private soccer coach’.

Almost once or twice a week on weekdays, after the kids have completed their school work, Allan would bring them to a nearby field to impart his soccer skills to them.

I was extremely impressed to see that Binbin could do what he had learned from his Papa during the ‘Try-Out’ session with the young Warriors today, especially the ‘change-direction’ which he did [Time : 0:27] in the video below.
He is in blue, number 14.
Binbin’s Soccer Skill has Improved!

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