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Big Top = Big Moustache

Posted Sep 22 2010 11:55pm

I was still in bed when the phone rang on Monday morning.  Bleary eyed I answered it.

Had it not been for the small child lying on top of me arguing with his sister I would have thought I was dreaming.

It was Teacher Friend Mother of 3 who sounded slightly too chipper for 7.20am.

TFMo3 – Do you have £20 and any strong views about animal activism?

Me - What?

TFMo3 – Do you have £20 and any strong views about animal activism?

Me – Why?

TFMo3 – I can’t tell you.  What are you doing on Wednesday night at 5pm?

Me - Nothing.

… and with that she hung up.

Thoughts passed through my mind of how I would get a banner together that said ‘Save The Badger/Whale/Lesser Spotted Jabberwocky’ by Wednesday.  Would I need a t-shirt too? What was the £20 for? Maybe to buy chains so I could chain myself to something.

Later in the day I discovered that I was in fact going to the circus on Wednesday.

I’ve never been to a circus before, so I will reserve judgement on whether I shall be sporting a ‘No more circuses’ bandanna in the near future.  I checked out the website for their animal care information and was happy to see they have all their certification … however I’m not sure what sort of certification is needed for this sort of moustache and shifty sideways glance?

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