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big people food

Posted Aug 21 2009 12:32pm

Graham Cracker Face

The day has come! Cruz is finally eating ‘big people food’ without grimacing, gagging or making choking noises. He successfully grabs any morsel of food that he can find and proceeds to shove it into his little mouth. He loves it all of a sudden! I really think the graham crackers did the trick.

He’ll be 10 months old this Sunday, so I guess that’s about right. I never stressed about it too much, but I have been slightly anxious about it, since I just had no idea when he would want to eat ‘big people food’. I just kept making sure to present items to him and to keep trying. Eventually he got it and now he eats right off of my plate. 

He’s eaten chicken nuggets, blueberries, pancakes, cheese crisps, cheeto puffs for babies, yogurt bites, graham crackers, rice, cheese, and a mix of other things! It’s fun to watch him try and now enjoy  new foods!

I still have been feeding him baby food and I am still making my own baby food. I give him both store bought and homemade. I’ll feed him baby food until he rejects it or probably until he’s around 1. Whichever comes first. This kid has always told me what he needs in exactly the right timing for him. But I just continue to encourage the next steps until he’s ready for them. 

I can’t believe how much he’s growing up. He’s already 10 months old! Today I’ve started looking at and thinking of ideas to start planning his birthday party. I do need to say that this is my favorite age yet. Everyone warned me that once he was crawling I would hate it and wish that he wasn’t mobile. But that just isn’t the case! Sure, he’s a lot of work and he gets into everything. Sure, I have to tell him no and chase him around the house. But I LOVE it. It’s a whole new world for him. I love his independence and I love watching him explore. Each and every age just keeps getting better and better. 

And I am loving every single minute of it.

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