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Big news, little news, and no news

Posted Feb 27 2007 12:00am

Big News:

From feb 07

The kids had their developmental check ups recently, and everyone passed with flying colors. We weren't too worried about the girls, as each of them have been ahead of the game for some time, but the great surprise was to hear that Russ scored higher than all of them on the cognitive portion of the test! For their age (combined real age and adjusted age), each of them are very well developed and on track! Very thankful for such good news.

From feb 07

Also, The Diva is not wasting anytime with her newfound mobility and freedom. She quickly picked up on standing up with the help of tables, chairs, etc. and now shows off by walking around them with one hand waving to the crowd. She's in a hurry to get on with life, and wouldn't be surprised if she's walking before their first birthday. Ally and Libby are right behind her, and will stand forever with assistance in getting up, and they seem to grow more frustrated by the hour watching all the new things Molly can do.

From feb 07

Little News:

More teeth: 2 for Bubba, 2 for Ally, and many more to come.
The Wave: Each of the kids is learning how to wave hello/goodbye. Bubba's version of it was the best, as he preferred to open and close his hand while facing his body. Instead of a wave, it turned into a "come here" signal. Clapping is also popular and coming along quickly. Just what we need.......more noise.....

From feb 07

No News:

Still no progress in the sleep department. Each kid has been in their own crib for about a month now, and that has only translated into four opportunities to wake up in the wee hours of the morning and find each of them banging on their railings and crying out of teething pain or hunger. Our once "BIG" bed has become very small with all four kids sleeping in it at some points of the morning.

Since the kids are so much fun during the day and generally well behaved, I guess this is a good trade off! Just hoping that they find a more than one REM cycle to be appealing sometime soon.

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