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Better Life Green Cleaning Products-Created by Two Dads

Posted May 14 2009 5:00pm

Tim Barklage and Kevin Tibbs became dads around the same time and became much more aware of the world around them, especially once their little girls started crawling.

They wanted safe, eco-friendly products that wouldn’t harm their children. Kevin Tibbs has worked as a formulation chemist for the past 11 years creating over 300 products that can be found in stores everywhere. Tim Barklage is a self described dreamer with a passion for living green. Together they created Better Life.

Better Life all natural cleaning products are safeandeffective.

I had the chance to try out a few of Better Life’s cleaning products and… WOW!

I love, love, love the Clary Sage and Citrus whatEVER! Spray Cleaner. I used this all over my kitchen and bathrooms and it cleaned everything while leaving a slight refreshing citrus scent behind that was clean and not overpowering or unpleasant. It left no residue or stickiness behind and didn’t choke me as I sprayed it everywhere. I have so totally found a new favorite cleaner.

Then I mopped my kitchen with Simple Floored. Totally fabulous! It took out every spot, every sticky inch, every whatever strange stuff that was stuck on the floor (thanks to my kids) without having to scrub anything. And it didn’t leave any sticky residue, streaks or unwanted shine on my vinyl tile. My floor just looked wonderfully clean. Amazing. I’ve never had a floor cleaner perform so well…especially one that is all natural.

Then there’s the 2 am MIRACLE Nursery Cleaner. Super gentle and safe for use around baby and baby’s things but very tough on whatever nastiness you need to clean up. This stuff is another wonderful light citrus scented cleaner that leaves behind no residue or stickiness. I used it on my sofa and carpet where my little guy spilled stuff and ground chocolate pop tart into the carpet. Yuck. The MIRACLE got it all out. Clean and good as new with no toxic fumes or odors!

My husband even tried the products (yes, I have a man that cleans…occasionally) and loves the I Can See Clearly, WOW! window cleaner. No streaks, no residue, no awful ammonia odor. Hooray for natural!

I am hooked on Better Life’s products. Better Life has wonderful green, eco-friendly cleaners that work! They will make your home so clean you won’t know what to do with yourself because not only will it be clean, it will be easy to clean.

I know a lot of several natural products that work (and a few that don’t), I’ve tried quite a few but some are unscented which still leaves a nasty no-scent odor and others just don’t work as well as I had hoped.

Better Life products exceeded my expectations and I am super thrilled.

I also think it is awesome that two dad’s created these products because they want a better life for their adorable little girls (photos of them are in the press kit-too cute). How wonderful would it be to grow up knowing your dad was inspired to make a difference in the world because of you?

Green guys are sexy. Aren’t they ladies?

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