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Best Mommy Blogs for Parents

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:25am

Best Mom Blogs Part I was a fantastic success.  I wrote that article about 6 months ago and decided that it is time for a refresher! I have been emailed by, met and been reading some fantastic new blogs and stumbled across some old ones I had not known about. I also love sharing around the link love to other people online who are doing great things for youth and family.  (If you prefer to have some new listening material for traffic, also check-out Best Parenting Podcasts as well)

This is a great resource for you to do some extra skimming!

Momoirs: General Mom Blogs of Teens and Tweens

Mama Crazy Pants How can you not love a blog with the title ‘crazy-pants’ Jen has some fun stories and advice.

Parent Talk Today Chat about everything that’s on a parent’s mind. Book and movie reviews, YouTube videos, and tips.

Lots of different topics and some fun posts, I like that she gives work advice as well as parenting advice!

Cool Moms Rule Vivien is a cool mom who rules.  Very cute blog!

Hey Mamas Some sweet, touching musings and anecdotes from a New York City mama.

Parent Empowerment A great blog by Sue Scheff with articles about peer pressure, academics and much more.  Love the positive vibe!

Momma Said Jen Singer is awesome, her website and blog are for the parents who like to ‘live and laugh.’

My Tiny Kingdom Best said by her: “I write about my boys, Finn (12), Drew and Porter (9) (yes, they are twins– how smart of you to notice.  I also write about my marriage to my husband, Bill, who is blessed with infinite patience, amazing good looks and an obsession with triathlons, which is fine by me because he wears tight outfits when he trains for them.”

Dawn and Jimmy They have a pre-teen, toddler and a pre-schooler.

Jill Savage“Jill Savage has five children ages 11-24!  Articles covering mothering, parenting, marriage, the teen years, letting go as your children get older, and the importance of keeping your heart at home because you can’t go back and raise your kids over again.”

Role Mommy When I saw a series of articles called the Girdle Chronicles I knew I would love this blog and a great play on words, my mommy is my role model!

From Dates to Diapers A mom with 6 kids and lots of advice for big families.

7 Dogs and a Baby Title is enough said = ) I love the idea of her juggle of 7 dogs and a baby.

Neurotic Parent Sometimes I feel so neurotic, so I totally get this blog and her musings.  All about the college Admissions process for those families going through it!

EntrepremusingsChit chats about business, babies, and parenthood.

Mother InferiorFor moms who are overwhelmed, insecure and need to laugh.  From a Christian perspective, with lots of honesty and humor.

Total Mom Love what Hannah has done with this site and all of the resources she provides for mom.

Jane Hershey A great review was submitted to me for her: “She is the parent and author of Why My Child Can’t Behave -  - she is wonderful.  Works closely with the Feingold Program - teaching parents to feed kids healthy food.”

MilestonesThis blog is filled with details about matters that affect kids of all ages - from potty training to bullying to driving – and other important issues that parents should be aware of.

Special Topic Mom Blogs

Ask the School Counselor This is a great perspective on the parenting issues, here is a great article: How to Teach Children Anger Management.

Money God Mother How great is this title? She writes about financial and money management for families and kids.

Break Free Beauty Sarah he helps teens build self esteem through body image - she herself had an eating disorder when she was younger and I think she does a great job exploring this issue.

Green Market Diva Sandra Dubrov is a Certified Integrative Health Counselor and a Healthy Lifestyle Coach, very interesting health tips.

Macaroni and Peas Love this blog about getting kids to eat healthy despite being super busy!

Teenage Acne This blog is by an Esthetician and talks about teen acne and how to deal with it.

KidoInfo This is a cool parenting site for parents in Providence (and beyond).  I am thinking of doing a post about local parenting blogs.  A Parent in Silver Springs is another one I like. Submit to me if you have any others!

PeneloccupationA parenting blog set up as though the house is ”the company,” mom is “the manager,” and the children are “the employees.”

The Future is Red Love this site about parenting and traveling.  Plus she has some great photos.  Here is a great article.

Troubled Teen Survivor This is an important topic and resource for families or teens themselves who have gone through more severe rough times.

Mother Warriors This is a very poignant blog: “ Fighting for the Prevention and Treatment of Adolescent Addiction: Our Kids Have the Right to Be Safe in Schools and to Receive Care When They Are Ill—Speak Up To Save Lives.”

Mommy Myth Busters Mommy Myths are scary untruths that the media has us believing. Here we bust up those myths, reveal the truth, and relax so we can enjoy parenthood.

License to Love is funny! Maths Paths and Older than Retro are for math and grammar help for parents by Suzy.  She also writes Parental Tech (she is a busy lady, check her out!) I love her How to be a Crappy Mother Series!

The Green Parent The Green Parent offers eco-savvy information to help parents raise kids without trashing the planet.

Busy Bee Lifestyle They offer inspiring ideas for women on entertaining, decorating, fashion, family, holidays, gift giving, and how to easily add special touches to everyday life!

TwinsTalk Susan M. Heim, former senior editor for the bestselling “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series and the author of three parenting books, shares her personal and professional thoughts and experiences about raising children in today’s world.  She also has Susan Heim on ParentingTwo Times the Fun is another great twin blog!

Writing Military Mom Awesome blog for all of you military families out there, missing someone far away!

Tales from the Table Also creator of the snacker tracker for parents who need help getting their kids to eat anything other than hot dogs and beans.

50 Something Moms For older moms, a great Silicon Valley Mom blog.  I also love Mid-Century Moms.

Mom Blogs for Little Ones

I don’t often feature mommy bloggers who only have little ones, but some of them are so great and so timeless, I had to post them!  Also many of my readers have teens, tweens and toddlers.

The Little Hipster Mom Blog Cute babies in cute clothes! It does not get much better than this.  This blog makes me want a baby just so I can dress her up = ).

Proactive Parenting Tons of resources and websites and classes for parents of all ages!

Diary of a Mother Very cute and very funny–love the stories on travels!

Delicious BabyThe blog includes inspirational travel stories, practical advice, and city guides that help you find kid-friendly activities, restaurants and hotels around the world.

Rookie Moms Oh, I know I am so not ready to have a baby yet, but this blog makes me want one, like, now.

Collaborative Blogs

These Moms Know Best Great writers from a few different mothers.  All ages, all topics all types of families.

Reflux The Pediatric / Adolescent Gastroesophageal Reflux Association ( PAGER ) is a non-profit organization that provides information and support to parents and children (infants to teens) dealing with Gastroesophageal Reflux (GER). They have blogs and forums too!

Mindful Moms Mindful mom is the brainchild of Susan Kaiser Greenland. Our bloggers are interested in the practice of mindfulness from various perspectives: mindfulness as in the dictionary definition (to take heed); secular mindfulness training and practice for children and adults; and, mindfulness as it is taught and practiced in Buddhism

Parenting Our Children Really nice website on all kinds of parenting issues.

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Best Mommy Blogs for Parents

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