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Believe it or not, there were some positive moments this week…

Posted Jan 29 2010 12:05am
Okay, people…it’s been a rough week. If you’ve kept up with me this week, you already know the gist of it. I’m barely hanging by a thread here, waiting for the weekend. Oh, and no we never did find the lizard so I suppose I have to accept that Garrett ingested it, just like he said he did.

As we head into the weekend, I need to check my attitude and focus on the POSITIVE things that happened this past week….believe it or not, there were some good moments.

One of my newest favorite bloggers, The Girl Next Door Grows Up, has started a meme called “Feel Good Friday”. She provides several different writing prompts to choose from. This is the one I chose…

Just make a list. List 5 things that made you really happy this week. No matter how bad or boring you think your week was, I bet you can find 5 things.

So here are 5 things that made me happy this week:

1) My pillow….how I adore my pillow. I confess that I’ve been having a passionate love affair with it. My reasons are simple…it doesn’t talk back, it provides plenty of unconditional love and it does not expect one little thing from me (with the exception of being washed on a weekly basis).


2) Spending the afternoon making chocolate lollipops with the kiddos. I thought it would be stressful but we actually had a blast! Chocolate always turns a frown upside down, doesn’t it?


3) We found our DREAM home and made an offer on it! It’s almost twice the size of the house we live in now and the backyard is huge. This house literally fell in our laps since we weren’t actively looking. The agent has already received a ton of offers on it so there’s a good chance we won’t get it but we had to at least try. We’ll know by next week whether or not our offer has been accepted…crossing our fingers and saying our prayers.

4) I love when I make a dinner that the entire family truly enjoys. It’s hit or miss with them since they’re all such picky eaters. I made a lasagna last night and almost half of it was gone by the time dinner was over. And Tim, who isn’t a huge fan of lasagna, said, “It was actually pretty good”.



4) It was that time of year again….parent-teacher conferences. The teacher said nothing but positive things about the kids, thankfully. She did mention that Bella is a bit of a chatterbox, though that didn’t surprise me. Academically, they’re both on target. Socially…well, that’s another story. Let me just say they are probably two of the youngest kids in their class.

5) Garrett and Landon had their first dentist appointment, which I fully expected to be a nightmare. Initially, they both fought over who was going to go first and then it was decided by the dentist that the oldest would go first….Garrett. He gave a pretty good fight but then once he was promised a balloon, he chilled out a bit. I was happy to learn that neither of them have any cavities or signs of tooth decay.

I’m a bit behind on my blog reading and commenting. I’ve also kinda lost my mojo this week, as far as humor goes. I hope to be back on my game by this weekend! Thanks for hanging in there with me!

If you want to write about what made you feel good this week, head over to The Girl Next Door Grows Up and link up with the rest of us!

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