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Beginnings Baby, First All-White Newborn Baby Apparel

Posted Apr 23 2012 5:10am

When I first learned I’ll be having a baby, I am so excited to start shopping for baby clothes. Being a first time mom, I had to ask my mother for some advice when it comes to shopping for baby clothes. The first thing she said is buy white baby clothing. WHITE? why not blue if it is a baby boy or pink and yellow if it is a girl? My mom pointed out that white baby clothing is a better option for these particular reasons:

  • white is cooler
  • with white clothing, you can easily spot dirt or insects specially ants
  • white is easier to wash too, as compare to colored clothing, when you have to separate each from each color
  • white is very clean to look at and with babies, they look like angels with white clothing
  • white is unisex, I can have a dozen or so white baby clothing without worrying the gender
Obviously, her reasons are all logical, so even after 4 kids, I am still a white mom (ummm except for the little girls who’s closet include pink and yellow and violet but in light shades of course!) Actually, until now that my first born is 8 year old, it’s still white clothes for them.

And when I was invited to the launching of Beginnings Baby, the FIRST ALL-WHITE NEWBORN BABY APPAREL, I said of course! Even though I am not having a baby anymore, it would be very nice to share this brand to you.

Beginnings Baby is an apparel line created specially for newborn to infants (12 months). What makes  Beginnings Baby different from other baby apparel brand? Here’s what Beginnings has to say about their brand:

BEGINNINGS strictly follows US Standards for Baby Clothes.

1. We only use premium Shiny Cotton Thread to guarantee the durability of our products.

2. To avoid loose or too-tightly sewn stitches, we follow a specific stitching distance that results in stitching that is never twisted or wrinkled.

3. Attachments on shoulders and sides are more durable for long-term use due to the double stitching care of our Overlock machines.

4. Cotton ties are easily adjustable for your baby’s comfort. More importantly, it is also safer than using buttons which are considered to be choking hazards for children 0-12 months.

5. Special needles are used to avoid puckering that can cause unsightly needle holes and other defects such as open seams, raw edges and broken stitches. Regular needles can create holes that will make garments more prone to breakage and tear.

6. Special cotton garters with carefully studied, standard measurements required for maximum stretch guarantees your baby’s supreme comfort. You no longer have to worry about waistline marks and other irritations.

The extensive Beginnings Baby line created especially for newborns to infants 12 months old carries t-shirts, sleeveless shirts, tie-sides, sleepsuits, cardigans, bodysuits, shorts, pajamas, undies, shoes, booties, caps, mittens, binders, bibs, wash cloths, blankets, towels and diapers- most everything you need for your beloved little ones, all in immaculate white.

Well, even pediatrician prefers white garments for newborn. It is easier to spot stains and dirt on white garment, it is also easier to detect insects and white garment is clean and cool to baby’s skin. See, my moms right!

To know more about Beginnings Baby, Visit

Watch out soon as I am going to hold a mini giveaway, prizes includes a set of Beginnings Baby apparel and What To Expect the First Year book.

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