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Bedtime Magic: Make Your Child's Bed an Adventure

Posted Oct 19 2012 7:15am

If you’re a parent, you know that one of the greatest challenges to being both sane and raising children is not getting enough sleep. Not only do younger toddlers and infants frequently wake up in the middle of the night, but older children who don’t want to go to bed can cause you nighttime headaches as well. It leads to a vicious cycle: when you don’t sleep, you’re irritable, and when you’re irritable, it makes the rest of your life harder, which makes it harder to find the right sleep.

What’s a great way to make sure that you can put your kids to bed – on a consistent basis, no less – and enjoy the proper amount of sleep you as a parent deserve? Our humble solution: bedtime magic.

No, it’s not actual magic we’re talking about, but the tips we’re about to provide you with have a very specific goal: making going to bed a magical adventure for your child rather than a chore on par with brushing their teeth. If you can make the experience of going to bed for your children a positive one, then you can make your own experience of going to bed a positive one too. Here’s how to do it.

Bunk Beds: An Instant Adventure

The quickest way to get your child to enjoy going to bed is to buy them a new one. But you have to make sure that you buy them a bed that actually provides them with the kind of sense of adventure and fun that a child would like; not necessarily the kind of bed a parent would like. The best solution? Bunk beds! To many children, sleeping on a bunk bed is like climbing a tall tower and sleeping on top of the world. It’s a great break from the going-to-bed routine that they’re used to and once you buy them one, it will have them ready to go to bed right away. Eventually, the novelty is bound to wear off – but by then, the experience of going to bed has shifted to a positive one. If you only have one kid you can even get a single bunk bed that has shelf and dresser space under it. 

Theme Beds: Making Beds Fun Again

You don’t have to have two children for bunk beds in order to add some adventure to their bedtime routines. You can also try out a theme bed, which features all sorts of decorations in addition to the strong supporting frame that your kids will need (from jumping on it, of course). Theme beds can also be customized to your child’s individual tastes and favorite themes. It’s like sleeping on a small little throne that is themed on their basic enjoyments and favorite hobbies. In essence, a theme bed is one of the best ways you can get your child to stop viewing bed time as an end to the fun and get them thinking about it as an extenuation of the fun.

Will it always be easy to put your kids to bed even with new beds? No, not necessarily. Parenting is not always easy. But you can make it easier on yourself by giving your kids a reason to enjoy going to bed.

Neville Luff is a marketing strategist for a company specializing in beds  and other furniture.

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