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Because you never know when those ‘how to tie knot’ skills might come in handy …

Posted Jan 25 2011 5:30am

We had The Husband’s Great Grandma over for lunch at the weekend. She is 90 this year and still in possession of all her faculties especially her sense of humour. Unsteady on her feet she has a walking stick which the children like to borrow, usually at the most inopportune time.

We installed (sounds wrong but yet right) her in the kitchen so that she could chat with us all as we went about making lunch. The children bobbed in and out and whoever was sat at the table with her got a quick burst of potted family history.

The Husband and I had decided to make something from Jamie Oliver’s (or as Great Grandma called him ‘that Jamie Wolliver’) 30 Minute Meals book. A beef hash with baked potatoes and lemon cheesecakes. 30 minutes, my arse. It took two of us 1 hour and 15 minutes. But, it was delicious.

As we were busying ourselves she started telling us about one of her neighbours who had committed suicide a couple of years ago.

Great Grandma Sheila … She hung herself in the garage, it was tragic
Me Oh dear, that sounds awful
Great Grandma I was so worried that maybe she suffered, you know, not quite got it right
Me Umm … well I’m sure it was over quickly
Great Grandma But then I went to the funeral and the vicar was describing her early life and I realised that I needn’t have worried.
Me Oh right? Why’s that?
Great Grandma Because it turns out she was a Girl Guide.
Me – Err?
Great Grandma – Well, she knew how to do really good knots then didn’t she?


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