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Beautiful Plants for the Summer and Wedding Ideas!

Posted Jul 07 2008 7:13pm

As we are getting ready to start planning the wedding and really start getting everything put back together, I have been doing more research onplants. I have never really had a green thumb and there is a lot involved..Fil is so much better at that stuff than I am. Right now we live in a basement apartment with excellent lighting but none from the sun. So I am doing my research on what can survive and if nothing really can..well I wouldn’t mind having beautiful freshplantsand flowers more often than not.

Now1-800-Flowersis an amazing resource not just for flowers but forplants. Locally, I only have oneflorist unless I want to travel farther and pay even more. Either way neither one is cheap. So I have been looking at large commercial chains to figure out what to do for centerpieces and floral arrangements. I know exactly what I want flower wise but if it is too expensive I just might call and see if I can get a bulk discount. Even if I can’t get exactly what I want but it still looks gorgeous I think I will be happy. I don’t want to turn into a bridezilla! Gaah. First off I have been researching my bridal bouquet and one of my favorite plants to have around the house is a Calla Lilly .. more specifically a Mini Calla Lilly. I think they make gorgeous arrangements. Having approximately six of these in a clear vase is just so elegant. Private party, wedding or just every day they are absolutely gorgeous!

I have to say their selections are one of the bests I have found. They are absolutely perfect in every way. I received flowers from them before, as a gift from Fil at work. He sent me a dozen pink roses. I couldn’t believe how long they lasted either. They lasted almost 3 weeks before I finally had to toss them. I kept the vase it was really great quality. I was excited he thought of me to send flowers, but more importantly that they came in such a gorgeous arrangement. The next think they have to do is delve into the more edible arrangements. I think once they perfect that there is no stopping them!


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