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Beach Pictures

Posted Jun 28 2011 3:15pm

My Mom bought a keepsake white dress for her first granddaughter to have her picture taken in at five years old. The next granddaughter had her picture taken also and we’ve been waiting for Sophie to get old enough as she’s the next granddaughter in line to wear the heirloom dress. My sister has been storing it for the last 15 years and we finally got to pull it out. I never pictured the portrait taking place on the beach because of how dressy the dress is but I actually love how they turned out. My sister and I were snapping shots as fast as we could before the sun set and got these few good ones. Of course we found ourselves saying, “I like her toes showing on this picture but hate the houses in the background and I like her hands in this picture but not the way her eyes are directed, etc, etc. Sounds so picky but you totally know what I mean if you’ve ever looked through a set of poses. We want to pick one and have it blown up on a canvas and have it displayed in our foyer. But I do have a question about this……am I supposed to get a picture of Mitchell at the same age (on the beach) and have blown up and place it with Sophie's picture or do I have a picture made of him now? There are five years difference. My sister and I have seen it both ways and I’m inclined to want one of him at his age right now and to have both pictures from the same year but then having pictures of the same age is sort of cute too. Got any thoughts on this? If so, please leave a comment.

Okay, so here are the pictures….

Any girl knows that you don’t just walk out the door instantly looking like this….

Destin 2011 029

You have to go through this first……

Destin 2011 015

and the dress must be properly pressed…..

Destin 2011 017

and even if you don’t like it you have to get the big white bow installed and yes, installation is the correct word because it’s an.ordeal.

Destin 2011 018

And once you get your curls on, the bow in place and your starched dress on then you can walk with attitude from the 10th floor of the condo to the white sandy beach….

Destin 2011 020

And this is what you get……

Destin 2011 037 Destin 2011 044

Destin 2011 025 Destin 2011 049

Destin 2011 028

So sweet for my sister to do this little photo shoot for us. I hope we can find a great place to do a canvas. Can I just insert right here that  I’m so thankful for cute kids, ya’ll. I know that is so vain but one of my fears in adoption was getting an ugly kid. I know. I can’t even believe I said that out loud. And I’m assuming parents don’t even know that they have ugly kids because your love for your child far outweighs superficial things like that. And even if you know you have a kid with a case of the uglies it doesn’t even matter. You don’t care, right. Still, can I just take this opportunity to thank God for the exact way He created our kids.

Mitchell and Sophie’s cousin is going to Georgia Southern in the Fall and took one last summer vacation with us (well, maybe he will still come on more…I don’t know how college life changes vacations) And the kids love him. Sophie sits out on the porch talking to him thinking she’s a young adult herself.

Destin 2011 002

And Mitchell has had a blast playing bad guys and shoot em up games and building forts with him. Sophie was the kidnapped princess in the fort below. Her baby got kidnapped also. Mitchell and Cole were the guards fighting off bad guys. Oh, the fun days of playing with cousins! He went out to a surf shop today and bought them both something. He leaves tomorrow to get back to work while the rest of us stay so we’ll all miss him. What a great part of our vacation this has been.

Destin 2011a 002

Would love to request prayer for my Father-in-law who is in Cardiac Care Unit at St. Joseph’s in Atlanta. He has had a significant amount of internal bleeding and they can’t determine where it’s coming from. He had two units of blood and are waiting three days to do a colonoscopy. He has a mechanical heart valve and is on a blood thinner so he has to wait these three days while they work to thicken his blood. They are fully trusting God to help him through these next few days and procedures to come. Would appreciate your prayers too. That may be presumptuous to ask but it’s my family and I know prayer is vital in our Christian walk. Thanks so much!

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