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Barrio Siete: Imbalanced News; Biased Views

Posted Oct 13 2009 10:06pm

It was from a paid to post site that I discovered a gem. I was out of opportunities then when I decided to dig on the featured bloggers page(er actually I was looking for blogs to spam... wahaha). A queen caught my eye and from then on I was her servant. When I finally had the courage to comment on her blog, she was promoting an online community, BARRIO SIETE. The name itself offers something. I am your typical promdi girl, that's why the name barrio is very appealing to me.

Barrio Siete became a home away from home to me. I insisted on joining and was glad that they accepted me wholeheartedly. I love writing for Barrio Seite, it gives me freedom. It gives a place where I can be me as a person and not me as a mommy. Aside from the freedom it gives me, I also like the whole community because of the diversity of the people there. Topics ranges form local showbiz to a cause oriented articles to politics to everything there is in the barrio (and even resident antagonist, EKLAT ). It really is your typical barrio.

And just like any gossips in the barrio, it travels fast and real fast. Can you believe how the Barrio is doing in the "traffic planet" in the blogniverse. Our little Barrio is now soaring high. Imagine from a non existing planet, the Barrio is now nearing its 200K Alexa mark. I knew some of you does not believe in the integrity of this ranking system (come to think of it, my Alexa is higher than B7, but of course I paid for advertisements). Yes it is true that we can cheat our Alexa ranking but for a non profit, cause oriented, with imbalance news and biased views barrio, advertisement is not or main source of traffic. It simply because people read Barrio Siete.period er comma and people like what they see in Barrio. So why don't you head on to BARRIO SIETE and see for yourself..

Did you know thatOndoy weakensbecause of the Barrio Bayanihan? During Ondoy's wrath, Barrio Siete performance in delivering thefreshest update was incomparable. They made it possible for other people to reach their relatives and know their situations. The community also made it possible for other people to extend their help through the Ondoy drive. If I had a connection back then, I would have been one of the Barrio Siete's"correspondent"

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