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Baked orange as cough remedy

Posted Apr 29 2010 6:25am

My friend gave me this recipe to heal cough. I have been coughing for over 3 months, and doctor said it is not bacterial or viral, but most likely allergic. So I actually suspected it is caused by my office, coz it happened after I worked here for 3 months, and I coughed 3 months off.

After trying all sorts of methods, I tried this few weeks ago. I don’t know whether the cough was about to cease, or whether this stuff works, I just took once and roughly a week or so after taking it, the cough was gone.

Now I have caught cold from visiting Windsor Castle (the wind was so strong, and I stood there for over 40 min waiting for admission to the building!). I intend to try it again once I get some oranges.

To do that, open a small hole on a cleaned orange. Place in oven and bake/ grill until the skin is a little charred like shown in photo below. Remove the skin and dab the flesh with some salt and eat.

Baked orange

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