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Bad hugs

Posted Dec 10 2008 3:57pm

So it's a couple of days after Thanksgiving. Back to work blues.

Our Thanksgiving was hellish, how bout yours ?

We had this snotty ass girl come into my house. Evidently she is the girlfriend of one of the cousins or something. Let me tell you about how arrogant she is. She comes into my house like she owned the place. Not saying hi or anything. Now here I am in a house full of kids busting my ass cooking for 100000 people. Would you know the first thing that she says is this: " I can't stand kids, they're just nasty. As a matter of fact can you keep IT away from me". As my 1 year old is totting towards her.

"IT" , yes my baby BOY is an IT. Now, if this was me a few years back I would have whooped her sorry ass, or at least tried to. Now, me a few years wiser thought of a better plan.

Yes, a plan.

Hmmm how to get that sorry bitch back.

Oh I know..."BABY" as I yelled to get him next to me. " I know you want some chocolate candy bars, right ? "

I fed that baby 2 Hershey bars and with yummy hands and a very kissable face, I sent him in hugging.

He approached that white shirt wearing bitch with open arms. She never saw it coming. Annnddddd......SMACK a big fat messy huggy for you and we can't forget about the kiss. She was so mortified that her $1,300.00 shirt now had chocolate over it , she huffed out of the house crying.

Now here's the question of the day. Why would one go over to a house full of kids if you don't like them ?

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