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Backlog of my book posts

Posted Dec 30 2009 6:28am

In the 5 months job break, I read quite a number of books. The number is not that impressive, but considered good for me. I didn’t manage to post them here earlier. Here one shot publish them all here.

Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer

The book is more of romance than any scary vampire story. I read the book before watching the movie, and got really disappointed with the movie – it didn’t do justice to the book! The book is a must read, but you can (or should) avoid the movie.

When Will There Be Good News?: A Novel

I was ‘conned’ by the review and the cover of the book. It was such a slow paced boring book. It started quite well, but just after 1 chapter, the rest all very slow. Very English. I think I prefer American better. :p

Are you afraid of the dark?

I really wanted to laugh half way. This is supposedly a thriller, but I think it is like a comic. The key characters are 2 young ladies who are just ordinary (apart from being stunning beautiful), know nothing about fighting or spy tasks. But somehow, they could win the conspiracy game by outwitting the ‘bad guy’.

It feels very Austin Power. The every ‘action’ in the story is just really, REALLY Austin Power feel. I dislike this book, honestly!!

Hmm… after writing up to this point, I think I didn’t really read that many books after all. Hahahaha!!!

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