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Back to work

Posted Sep 30 2008 11:12am


The time has come for you to return to work.It may not be easy decision for you to make, you may be feeling a mixture of emotions regarding leaving your baby or child. 

There are a few things you can to do to prepare yourself for returning to work and make it easier for everyone involved. 

Childcare arrangements 

·        Whatever childcare arrangements you have decided on for your child, whether it is grand-parents, a nursery, a child-minder or your partner, you need to make it the arrangements as simple as possible.

·        You don’t want added stress of having miles to travel to get to your child carer or the worry that they will not work overtime if needed.

·        If you chose a nursery or child-minder, let your child get to know them and their new environment. Leave them for an hour a day to get them used to it before you drop them off for long periods.

·        Childcare needs to be right for you and your baby or child.   


·        If you are still breastfeeding then you will have to express your milk and get your baby used to taking their feed from a bottle or cup.

·        Will you have time to express your milk?

·        Could you give your baby formula in the day and leave the breastfeeding for your special times together when you get home?·        Make sure any special food requirements are met by your child carer. Many grand-parents love spoiling their children, so if they will be looking after your baby or child then firm boundaries for what you expect need to be set from the beginning. 

Making time for your child 

·        If you and your partner are both working full-time then try to keep week-ends solely for family time.

·        Spend time with them doing fun things and you will all benefit.

·        Some parents enjoy the time they have with their children more when they are not with them constantly and therefore feel they become better parents when they return to work. 

Remember even if your child loves their child carer there is no substitute for a parent!

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