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Back to School with Lands’ End School Uniforms

Posted Aug 26 2013 7:00am

Lands’ End provided me with some uniform items to facilitate my review. Obvs.

Y’all know I love kickin’ my big kids out the door to school each August. Feel free to judge me, but we are all happier on the school schedule . And what, pray tell, is my second favorite thing about back-to-school time?


I love, love, love Lands’ End school uniforms. You’ve heard that from me before , and it’s still true. I have tried some other uniform brands, and Lands’ End out-performs them all, particularly in the polo shirt and jumper area where they are just a million times better. Their pants, shorts, and skirts are also absolutely fabulous. Before I show you the pics of my adorable children in their darling uniforms, I’ll tell you my favoritefavoritefavorite feature of all Lands’ End uniform items: they all come out of the washer and dryer looking FANSTASTIC! No curled up collars, no rolled up skirt bottoms or shrinking pant legs. The jumpers come out of the dryer wrinkle-free and gorgeous. They are the best!

This year, I wanted to try a couple of items I’d never tried before so I could really test out some more uniform quality. That’s why I chose this long-sleeve uniform dress for Sophie:


I absolutely love it! The mesh polo fabric is the same quality I’m used to in the shirts, and the design and style is adorable! Plus, the length is just perfect. And I love the way her school logo looks on it.

Purple dress collage

Another new item I tried for Sophie were these darling brown Girls’ Unit Mary Jane shoes . They are pretty much perfect. They are so easy to get on and off, yet they stay put. They suede upper is easy to keep clean-looking and Sophie also thinks they are super comfy. They work great in class or on the playground.

Of course, since I l-o-v-e the Lands’ End school uniform plaid jumper with all my heart, I had to get one of those to review as well (you know, to check and make sure they hadn’t changed the quality.) I also got her a red short-sleeve mesh uniform polo to go with it. And the result? Uniformadorable!


As I mentioned before, the jumper washes and wears beautifully. And it’s very comfy – Sophie loves wearing her jumpers.


I love every little detail about this outfit.


And now, for my big boy – I’ll be honest, boys uniforms aren’t as fun for me as girls uniforms are! But I do love the way Lands’ End has SO many color options. At my kids school, they can wear a few colors (navy, white, light blue, and burgundy) without the school logo, but ANY color WITH the school logo. Joshua’s favorite color is orange (so is mine, as a matter of fact!) and I was so glad to be able to get him a shirt in his favorite color. I chose the interlock polo because Joshua likes the softer feel of the fabric. They wear really well, just like the mesh polos. Doesn’t he look too cute in orange?


Of course, I love the Lands’ End uniform pants – the Stain & Wrinkle Resistant Iron Knee Chinos are the BEST!! Joshua has yet to wear a pair out! They’ve outlasted him and survived to be handed down to friends. I love the way they come out of the dryer and look so nice (as I’ve mentioned), and that they are available in slim sizes with adjustable waist for my skinny kiddo.

Joshua’s favorite bottom is the shorts version of the Stain & Wrinkle Resistant Chinos. They also are available in slim with an adjustable waist and they too wash and wear like a dream. And they keep my boy really comfortable during these hot first weeks of school.


I think my favorite part of this outfit might be the shoes! These Landon low sneakers are sooo cool! They work great on the playground and also look dressy for other occasions. I love the details on these shoes – breathable mesh and dressy leather upper, and the orange stripe is a nice-looking touch, too. Joshua loves them and so do I!

Joshua Collage

At my kids’ school, they aren’t allowed to wear jackets, sweaters, or sweatshirts in class unless the outerwear has the school logo on it. In the past I’ve gotten them Lands’ End fleece with the school logo, which they love because they are so lightweight but keep them warm even on very chilly mornings, but they are a little warm for indoors.  So, this year I decided to get them a hooded zip-front sweatshirt with the school logo. It will be a fabulous fall jacket and the can keep it in their classrooms during the winter if they get a chill during the day. And they are So! Darn! Cute! See?


I’m super-excited about them! They’re such a nice, heavy-weight quality and they’ll be perfect for weekends, too.

Ok, now I’ve told you what items I reviewed, let me show you a few of my other favorites that I ordered for the kids with my own money. Please note these are all for girls, because…there are just so many more choices for girls!


I love these chino skorts . These are almost all Sophie wore last year. I love the way they have shorts attached so they’re modest, but they look so dressy and cute like a skirt! They work great with tights, too, and have an adjustable waist. They came out of the dryer looking great, too! She wore the HECK out of them, because I didn’t get any shorts for her last year and she only had a couple pairs of pants. And yet, they were all in such good shape I was able to pass them down to one of Sophie’s friends for kindergarten this year.

plaid skirt

This plaid A-line skirt is just darling. I love the button detail at the side, and like the jumper in the same fabric, it washes really well. It’s just below the knee so it’s nice and modest, and it looks great with Sophie’s polo shirts. Last year, I bought the pleated version for her, which was also adorable and of great quality. It held up so well I was able to pass it on to Sophie’s friend as well.

Lastly, before I close, I want to mention that the reason you don’t see any backpacks or lunch boxes in this review is because the kids’ Lands’ End backpacks and lunch boxes from last year are still in PHENOMENAL shape! So, they are using them again. I think Joshua will need a bigger one next year for middle school, but I bet Sophie will use hers for another year. They are the BEST!

Thanks, Lands’ End, for letting me review your great uniforms once again!

Do your kids wear school uniforms? What are some of your favorite items?

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