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Baby Skin Care Tips: Moisturize with Coconut Oil and Grape Seed Oil

Posted Aug 10 2012 2:47am

Babies are frail creatures that need a lot of TLC. If you have a newborn baby, you’re probably taking a lot of measures to ensure that he or she is always healthy. One thing you should watch out for is your child’s skin, and that it is well-moisturized and healthy all the time. This is because a baby’s skin is very sensitive, and is usually incapable of producing enough moisture. Remember, harsh weather conditions and frequent bathing can cause your child’s skin to dry out.

There are numerous baby skin care products available today that promise to bring back the moisture to your child’s body. Lotions, creams, and ointments all seem to work wonderful, but be careful: some of these products may have formulations that are not appropriate for young children. They may contain harsh chemicals, fragrances, preservatives, and alcohol that can cause skin irritation, rashes, or allergic reactions. If you’re worried about these products harming your child, don’t worry; there are two natural alternatives you can turn to: virgin coconut oil and grape seed oil.

Coconut Oil Benefits Your Baby’s Skin

Virgin coconut oil is becoming a very popular product today because of its many wonderful properties. Many people, especially those in tropical countries, love to use this oil as a skin and hair moisturizer. It is rich in saturated fats, particularly the medium-chain acid varieties like capric, caprylic, and lauric fatty acid. These healthy fatty acids in coconut oil have antimicrobial properties that help keep your child’s skin from getting microbial infections.

Another reason why coconut oil is a wonderful moisturizing product is that the saturated fat, when applied externally, clings well onto your skin. This prevents excessive moisture from escaping. Coconut oil also contains vitamin E and a wide variety of proteins that will give additional benefits to your child’s skin.

Coconut oil is stable and does not spoil easily. Don’t be surprised if it solidifies in room temperature, though. In addition, make sure you only buy organic coconut oil that is free of preservatives and other chemical additives.

Grape Seed Oil: Another Wonderful Product for Your Child’s Skin

Made from pressing grape seeds (which are taken from the wine-making industry), grape seed oil is a thin and light fluid that is rich in oleic and linoleic essential oils. It is also rich in antioxidants, particularly resveratrol and vitamin E. Grape seed oil leaves a glossy film over your baby’s skin when applied. This is one reason why many skin moisturizing products from the cosmetic industry use this oil as a primary ingredient. Just like virgin coconut oil, there are no reported side effects from external application of grape seed oil.

Grape seed oil has similar properties to virgin coconut oil, such as its stability – it does not become easily rancid. It also solidifies at room temperature.

Other Useful Tips to Keep Your Baby’s Skin Moisturized

Grape seed and coconut oil benefits will work well for your baby, but before you start using these, here’s something to remember: grape seed oil is thinner and easier to apply, making it ideal for normal baby skin. On the other hand, coconut oil is thicker and may be more ideal if your child has chapped skin.

In addition to using coconut oil and grape seed oil, here are other tips to remember to keep your child’s skin moisturized at all times:

  • Avoid using baby soap, no matter how mild it claims to be, on your baby’s face. Soaps can easily dry out a child’s skin. Use a soft, warm, wet rag instead.
  • Apply your coconut oil or grape seed oil moisturizer after giving your baby a bath, just within minutes of drying his or her skin. This will seal in the moisture from the bath.
  • Avoid exposing your child to air conditioning, salt water, and chlorinated water for long periods of time. These can dry out your baby’s skin quickly.

If your child is experiencing dry skin very frequently, with the appearance of itchy red or silvery patches, consult your pediatrician immediately. These may be symptoms of eczema or psoriasis.

About the Author

A mother to three young boys, Mishka Thomas has been using coconut oil and grape seed oil to keep her babies’ skin healthy and well-moisturized. She believes in holistic living, especially when it comes to caring for her children, and uses only all-natural products. She also makes it a habit to use virgin coconut oil every day as a hair and skin moisturizer.

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