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Baby names

Posted Sep 30 2008 11:11am

Picking a name for your baby can be a challenge. Everyone wants the perfect name for their baby. Some people have names picked out long before they are even expecting, others don’t make a final decision till they are holding their newborn in their arms.

We have put together a few things to consider when picking out a name for your new baby.

·        Even if you think you know the sex of the baby it is a good idea to have boy and girl names picked out. Occasionally people get fooled.

·        Kids can be mean, make sure your baby will not have initials that could cause hurt feelings at a later date.

·        Pay attention to nicknames, even though you don’t plan on calling the child by a nickname other people, especially when they start school, will. Don’t pick a name that has a nickname that you despise. For example, if you cannot stand Timmy you may not want to name your baby Timothy.

·        How does it sound when you put it all together? Do you trip over the names, or does it flow?

·        When choosing the spelling for the name you pick out keep in mind you don’t want your child to have to correct everyone’s pronunciation.

·        Go to a crowded playground where there are lots of children and yell it out loud a few times. How many children answer, do people look at you funny, does the name feel right?Don’t tell anyone what you have chosen until after the baby is born. That way you cannot be pressured into a name you don’t like or out of one you do. Also it may keep someone else who has their baby first from using your perfect name.

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