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Baby Massage Techniques That Helps To Ease Baby Colic

Posted Sep 19 2010 11:26pm

by Mary Roadings

Most babies have baby colic during their first year. It is something common to many toddlers, however doctors still can't pinpoint what is the actual cause. They do agree though that many times an upset stomach can often lead to colic, which makes the baby feel bloated as gas is gathered in the intestines. This gas needs to be let out and the best way to do it is by baby massage.

When the child has colic, he or she tends to cry a lot due to the strong pain felt. Many times parents experience a strong sense of panic because of this constant crying as they have no idea what to do, how to help their kid. And often times the cure is really a proper baby massage that stops the crying right away, it's that simple really.

One of the best ways to help your child get relief from stomach pains and colic is by learning how to do baby massage. This will relax the stomach muscles and will stop those nasty spasms that tend to come and go. The baby will be able to pass wind which is accumulated in the intestines.

For massage, use natural oils for best results. Avoid doing the massage right after feeding as this will upset the stomach and cause more pain. Lay your palm flat on the stomach and go clockwise in circling motions a few times over the abdomen. Then use your hand to make a circle around the belly button after which use your fingertips to do the same thing. Finally use again your flat palm to go around the stomach in a clockwise direction as a last exercise.

Next take the legs and do a bit of bicycle exercise with them, one after another one. This will push the wind from the intestines and stomach. After that stretch the legs with an easy pressure applied and then wobble the legs a bit. This will finally eliminate the last wind from the stomach for best results

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