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Baby Hiccups: What They Don't Tell You In Books

Posted Sep 12 2008 11:09am

Baby is now 2 weeks old and hiccups everyday. He even hiccuped when in the womb. Anyway, when I had my first child, my mom told me this: "When baby hiccups, it means the baby will poo-poo soon." I didn't believe her BUT you know what? She is right. Now that I'm on baby #3, this fact seems true 80% of the time.

It is rather incredible that a 2 week old baby knows how to poo-poo on cue. Above is our routine in the morning and evening before bath. We take off his diaper, lift up his legs, do the 'emm-emm' sound and after a while, we have stuff coming out of his butt. AND more often than not, he will start to hiccup before the poo comes out. Other people may tell you to give baby water, gripe water or something to suck to get rid of the hiccups. Me, I say grab a fresh diaper.

If you have a newborn, observe this phenomena and tell me if it's true for you too. Does baby poo after hiccups?

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