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Avoid certain sodas after colectomy.

Posted May 18 2009 10:33pm

So over the weekend I have been craving soda like there’s no tomorrow. For a couple days “The Hubby” and I were spending about $.69 going to the gas station and getting fountain sodas, way cheaper than the grocery store (this was a little while ago). But unfortunately when you do that you are limited as to what you can drink depending on the station and the one I was going to had Pepsi products so I would get a Mountain Dew. The first time I had it I was OK, I did have the runs pretty badly but that’s to be expected. Then a week later I went back and got another one, bear in mind I haven’t had any soda in seven days, so Friday I get one before a friend of ours comes over and after a little while I was having chest problems. Now I know NOT to drink Mountain Dew anymore. Big No No for me.

Saturday I had this craving for soda again so I bought a 2 liter of Sunkist and A&W Root Beer since it was on sale. I now have learned my lesson and not drink Sunkist either. So to all of us without colons don’t drink Mountain Dew or Sunkist unless you want to spend all night in the bathroom which is something I don’t want to do, I’ll stick with root beer thank you very much plus I can put ice cream in the root beer and have me a root beer float since there aren’t any A&W’s around here anyway.

But I am thinking about burning my new candle I got for my birthday though. “The Hubby’s” gone, “N’s” upstairs and “O” is just very chatty so I might just do it.

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