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At Least She’s Honest

Posted Jan 05 2010 10:36pm

Day 1 of 2010 and I resisted the desire to NOT workout, and I worked out.  Still, I’m attempting the Shred with Jillian.  Reason would dictate that I should give up on the 30 Day Shred having had no success in keeping at it. But in reality, it’s not about the disc, or the program, it’s about me.  About making this a priority in my life…for me.

As time is going, I’ve found that one of my resolutions for 2010 will be to be more structured in the home in order to ensure what needs to get done, does.  Instead of being easily distracted by what’s before me, I’ll stick to my “schedule” mapped out ahead of time (of course allowing for modifications as life calls for).  One of these things is waking early to get my 20 minute workout in (taking care of myself) before moving on to what the day requires.  I digress…

So, Day 1 of 2010 and I was doing the Shred with Zach.  Violet was doing it with us.  The jumping jacks ended up being “Falling Violets” as she would lay on the floor after a time stating how tired she was.  Next was some squat / arm raise combo.  I squatted, raised my arms.  Violet disappeared behind me.

I saw her reflection in the fireplace glass.  She was directly behind me.  Fearing my rump would knock her over as I attempted to squat, sticking my rear out to “touch the wall” behind me as Jillian instructed, I asked what she was doing back there.

Um.  Picking my nose.”

Enough said.

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