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As it Turns Out, Size DOES Matter.

Posted Dec 02 2013 6:05am

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group ™ and Cottonelle, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #CottonelleHoliday .

Have I mentioned, by chance, one or two times , that we have a MILLION birthdays and events running up to Christmas? Oh I have? In case you’ve forgotten, we call the Sophie-Bobby-Jonah-birthday madness that happens in the 5 weeks before Christmas “Birthmaspalooza”. One consequence, I mean joy, of this season is that I have to host gatherings. At my house.

Which often looks like this:

messy house

So getting ready for a holiday party or other Birthmaspalooza event can really stress me out. It’s a lot of hard work when your day-to-day housekeeping skills are sub-par at best. So, after the cleaning is done and the shiny doors are thrown open, I really want to be able to relax and enjoy the party.

One thing that keeps me from being downstairs enjoying my guests? This:


Sadly, this is not just a common occurrence at family parties when we typically have a minimum of 30 guests. (We have a BIG family! And lots of friends!) The empty toilet paper roll, of course, is  a scene I face every darn day in my house (a certain child of mine who shall not be named uses about 1/2 a roll of TP per day minimum, for the LOVE!), but it’s not one I want to deal with when I’m having a party! Making sure my party guests have TP when they need to use my shiny, clean bathroom can be a real pain in the…you know. So, I typically leave an extra roll on top of the toilet so I won’t have to keep hoofing it up the steps to the crapper to check on the status of the TP. Klassy, I know!


I also employ the metal tiles in our super-cool vintage 1950s bathroom. And you know, my kids’ letter magnets. Just to make sure everyone is CLEAR.


You know you’re jealous of my magnetic bathroom! It’s pretty awesome and has proved itself bloggable before…

But anyway. You guys know I’m coo-coo for coupons and deals, so I often purchase Cottonelle, because they always have the BEST coupons! This is a fact, yo! And though I’ve long been a fan of the double roll, I for some reason had been in the dark about the Cottonelle TRIPLE ROLL until a couple weeks ago. Because of the fabulous coupon stacking potential at Target, I’ve been shopping there a-l-o-t more lately and  that is where I found and got a great deal on the Cottonelle triple roll 12-pack.  PLUS I scored some free Kleenex with this printable Target coupon . It’s as easy as “buy Cottonelle triple roll, get free Kleenex” while supplies last! Plus, I used a Target Cartwheel coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon too and got a deal that gave me an old-school coupon HIGH!

But anyway, back to my bathroom.


Before the next party, the double roll met the triple roll.


And then the Cottonelle triple roll met my toilet paper holder:



And the angels sang.

And I got to leave a note for my party guests to let them know that the TP pressure was OFF!


(Pun intended?)

Got big holiday parties at your house this holiday season? Now you know what to do (besides avoiding potlucks!!) to stay in the party and out of the potty!

Are you the designated toilet-paper-changer in your family, or are you not the only one in the house gifted with magical “empty TP roll vision”?

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