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Are Your Kids Terrified of Vegetables? It's Time To Change That!

Posted Aug 07 2012 4:05am

kids are terrified of vegetablesThere are many successes in this world requiring hard work, sacrifice, and determination to achieve: climbing Mount Everest, running an Ironman marathon, swimming in shark infested waters...etc. And then there’s the greatest obstacle of all: getting your toddlers to eat vegetables.

Green avoidance is a talent all children possess, with varied forms of portrayal. Some children stir the greens to disintegration, hoping that parents will think the food has been consumed when, in fact, it has only been displaced. Others treat veggies like the plague, quarantining them from the rest of the meal - so as to protect the good food from the infected. Still others kindly share their servings with a family pet or, in the case of no pet, the ever-hungry floor. It is a service all toddlers are determined to maintain.

(Cue the infomercial music) If this is something you struggle with, then today is YOUR lucky day!

I know how to get toddlers to eat veggies...

Pulp and juicing recipes .

First, make a tasty juice, either for, or as a supplement to, breakfast. Our favorite recipes use several carrots (2-3), at least one apple, a handful of spinach (there are those greens, without your kids being the wiser!), some random sweet fruits (strawberries and cherries work well) OR (and I do mean OR) tomatoes and celery. If going with the tomato celery (V8-style) juice, add salt and serve with ice - this will only be consumed by more adventurous toddlers. If going the strawberry/cherry way, add enough to make the juice red in color (amazing how much color affects toddlers), then also serve with ice. Both are delicious and oh so nutritious...without the texture or color of vegetables that children tend to abhor.

Then use the leftover pulp, which has been shredded to unrecognizable smithereens, in recipes children already love, boosting the meal’s veggie content without children noticing. I cook the pulp into my rice and quinoa water, add it into chicken and tuna salads, and even stretch spaghetti sauces and taco filling with it.

Juicing has completely changed my outlook on feeding my son. Instead of forcing ‘just one’ more carrot, broccoli, etc. down his throat, I juice it all then offer it as a beverage. He takes it, thinking it’s delicious (since apples, strawberries, and cherries are easy to love!), then eats his chicken salad wrap without being the wiser!

So, if you are looking to feed your toddler, and do so in a health-conscious way, just juice and pulp. It’s the easy way to sneak veggies into everyday living.

Author Bio

Heidi is a full time mom and part time blogger. She mothers two boys and blogs part time at . When she is not at home blogging or taking care of her boys she can often be found near a body of water.

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