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Are you wondering what I do in my 'spare' time?

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:05pm
Of course, these are in addition to all things domestic, being a wife, mom, and daughter, Church, and friends. :)

What To Do While Waiting – Things To Consider!

•Make sure your passport is updated --- you will need at least six months before expiration to get your visa for China. Check!

•Print out the information that you will need to take with you to China (e.g. copies of forms, passport photos etc.) Start organizing the appropriate paperwork including extra copies. Keep these in a separate envelope so that you always know where they are!

•Plan how you will obtain your Visa for China (e.g. will you use Transworld etc.). Check! Organize the appropriate instructions in advance.

•Create a list of things you'll need (e.g. baby medications, money, gifts for China etc.). In process

•Get your suitcase organized with as many things as you can reasonably pre-pack, and be ready to go! (flashlight, thermos, etc.)

•Go through your medicine cabinet and put your medications in ziplock baggies, include the instructions/date by tearing off the box top or label. This is a great way to pack your medications so they take up less room in the suitcase. With flying the way it is? Hah!

•Start preparing or thinking about your child's Lifebook (layout, format, topics) so that you have an idea when the time comes to actually create it. In the meantime, you can probably create pages about China and the culture, and any pre-adoption sentiments you want to include in a Lifebook or Scrapbook. In process

•Do what you can (or need to do) in order to become as fit and healthy as possible before your child arrives. Try to channel the nervous "waiting energy" into something useful and worth while for "you". In process

•Arrange your vaccinations for China. Some require multiple visits over a 6 month period of time. Need one more.

•Baby proof your house.....cupboard/drawer locks, baby gates, window locks, electrical outlets, etc. (Babies-r-us sell a useful kit). Check!

•If this is your first child, purchase or obtain the important equipment in advance (e.g. highchair, cot, car seat, push chair, sling, feeding dishes/cutlery, bottles, medical/safety kit, toothcare, etc.). In process

•Tap into the wealth of information and education available at websites specific to china adoption. Check!

•This is a good time to join adoption related organizations such as FCC, OASIS or CACH, as well as your local chapter. Check!

•Make an address list for announcements and make your address labels (printed (or hand written)) so that they are and ready to go when you get home.

•Create a family website to capture your adoption journey and your travels to china (if this medium appeals to you). Check!

•Start an adoption video (if this medium appeals to you). Consider videotaping your family life preparing for baby, choose appropriate music.

•Consider taking Mandarin lessons, or just learn some of the important phrases that you would like to say to your child. In process

•If you're crafty, make your own baby and create the card and leave an empty spot for the photo and details. In process

•Start writing in a journal about your adoption experience. You can either create a journal that you devote to your child with your daily musings about your feelings and sentiments while you wait. Or you can create a general journal where you capture all of your experiences throughout the adoption journey. This could be a useful resource when it comes time to prepare info for your child's Lifebook or scrapbook. In process

•Decide where you are going to store your child's toys and put up shelves and/or bins to get ready for all the toys that will come. Check!

•Prepare a letter to the orphanage and have it translated for inclusion in your child's care package, or to give to the Director when you get to China.

•Organise your child's "care package" so that it is all ready to go to the orphanage when you receive your referral.

•Get a baby photo album set up with photos and label the photos (in Chinese) so that you can include the photo album in the orphanage package, and perhaps give one to the Orphanage Director if you choose.

•Clean out the garage, cupboards in your house, organize your kitchen drawers & cupboards, etc. because chances are there won't be any time for that once baby arrives. In process

•Paint and decorate your child's bedroom/nursery. Check! Consider buying some music from your child's native country – it could be a soothing comfort for them.

•Read books about attachment, adoption, parenting, while you have the time. In process

•Prepare your post-adoption legal paperwork so that it is ready to go when you return so that you aren't scrambling to send in the proper forms at the proper time after baby arrives. In particular,the paperwork necessary to obtain your child's citizenship, passport and US birth certificate.

•Organise the paperwork to apply for Adoption Tax credit. This will require your adoption paperwork upon returning home. Check!

•Interview potential pediatricians or doctors so that you know who you will plan to use upon your return from China. Also if you are choosing to have one of the International Adoption Clinics review your referral, make pre-arrangements. Check!

•Consider preparing meals (and freezing them) for your return from China in case you don't have the luxury of cooking healthy meals upon your return.

•Take baby-care, parenting and adoption readiness classes that maybe available in your area. Check!

•Research Day-Care and Preschool options for your area, if this is something you will need once baby arrives. Thankfully not necessary

•Consider some options for naming your child. You will need to have this information ready when you adopt them in China. Check!

•If you haven't already done so, prepare your will. In process

•Try to complete as many pending projects in your home as possible before you travel to China. In process

•If you are planning to register, do it early. You can register for the basics, then add the size-dependent items later. Check! BRU, Target, Pottery Barn, Right Start, One Step Ahead

•If someone is planning a baby shower for you, then print out the address listing & labels so that they are ready to go.

•Consider whether you are going to need a housekeeping service upon your return. If needed, get quotes and interview potential housekeepers. Hah! I wish!

•Obtain all the necessary insurance and tax forms from your employer in order to change your deductions and add a dependent to you health insurance. These can be filled out and ready to go upon your return or you can fax to your employer from China. Check!

Asy you can see, the additional wait time is being put to good use. :)
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