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AQIVA’s Treats for Tots: Healthy food your child will love

Posted Sep 07 2011 8:44pm

When it comes to my kids, I am really lucky that they are not picky eaters. There are times though, that they are fixated on eating certain food like shrimp, corned beef or chicken. I have to trick them just to eat the right food for them such as vegetables. I usually tell them that those were their favorite dishes when they were younger and it is effective so far. The only vegetable that they cannot eat is ampalaya, and I don’t even eat it myself.

Of course even though they are not picky eaters I still want to make sure that they eat as much veggies they can and I am really glad that I have been part of AQIVA’s Treats for Tots: Healthy food your child will love. Chef Carina taught us two dishes that the kids will surely love but is actually a very healthy treat.

We were grouped and all participated in a cook off. Now, these two dishes are not very new to me but the way Chef Carina prepared it, that is something I am not familiar. Two students from FEU Culinary School (Makati, where the event was held) helped us in preparing the dishes (Thank you so much Louise and Ina). We committed a lot of mistakes and put a lot spices so I am quite surprised that our dish won over the other 4 groups.

Rowena and me while preparing (Thanks Ferdie for the photo) Super Healthy Kiddie Spaghetti and Chicken Fingers. The spaghetti was super healthy because it has spinach, broccolo, green peas and carrots on it. It’s actually 70% veggie sauce. The chicken on the other hand was baked. Surprisingly the spaghetti taste good and the chicken is something that my kids will really love. I was able to take home a sample for the kids and as expected the chicken was a hit. The spaghetti didn’t taste as good as it was during the event, somewhat the taste of broccoli surfaced and one can actually know that the sauce is about veggies but the kids loved it nonetheless.

And as the winning team (photo above), we were able to take some goodies from Healthy Options

AQIVA is a nutrient-enriched milk supplement from Wyeth that is designed to fill the nutritional gaps of children 4 years and older. AQIVA contains more than 40 ingredients including 25 essential nutrients and it comes in a great-tasting vanilla flavor.

My memory card has been corrupted and I lost all my photos.. I am really thankful that Rowena of Animetrics allowed me to use her photos. 

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