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Appliance Drama

Posted Jan 08 2010 12:00am

New Year's Eve the dishwasher began to spill water from under the door. It wasn't a small leak, more like a gigantic waterfall. 

Two days ago, my husband pulled the dishwasher out from the cabinet. He pulled it apart, and found nothing wrong. He ran a cycle - sitting on the floor the entire time with a flashlight - and not one drop of water spilled out.

Not one.

He placed the dishwasher back in the cabinet and we ran it. Not one drop of water leaked out. We looked at each other and shrugged. Five hours of time wasted, but just maybe by pulling it out from the cabinet, he'd released a kink or something. I rejoiced - 7 days of handwashing all of the dishes was getting really annoying - and I loaded the dishes in and started the cycle. We watched for a few minutes and there was no leaking, so we high fived each other and began to walk away.

And heard the water spilling out again.

We turned around and there was a veritable flood in the kitchen. It took a dozen bath towels to clear it and we vowed then and there that we were going to get a new dishwasher the next day.

He went to Sears, he went to Lowe's, he visited repair place after repair place for suggestions on possible fixes and ideas for what it could be. Ultimately, he decided that there wasn't going to be any repairing, just replacing, and he bought a new dishwasher and brought it home. 

He'd never installed one before and thought, "How hard could it be?" Oh, hahahahahahaha, said his wife.

After many, many hours of this:


Like, say, about SIX hours to pull out the old KitchenAid and replace it with a new LG - we now have a functional, working, brand new dishwasher. 

So 2010's appliance count is one. I wonder how high it will get this year?

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