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Apparently, I'm getting a boyfriend for my 41st birthday...

Posted Apr 01 2010 4:00am
The following is a conversation I had with Cole and Bella yesterday morning...

Cole: Mommy, do you know what you want for your birthday?

Me: How about a big ole' birthday cake smothered with frosting?

Bella: I know what you REALLY want.

Me: You do? What, ice cream with the cake?

Bella: No, you want a pedicure.

Me: Well, that WOULD be nice.

Bella: And after your pedicure, I'm gonna get you a boyfriend.

Me: WHAT?! A boyfriend?! Well, what about Daddy?

Bella: He won't care. You can still have Daddy AND a boyfriend.

Me: But can I still have some cake?

Upon telling him about this conversation, Tim laughed and said, "Fine with me...his first project will be finishing the remodel of the bathroom. We might as well BOTH benefit from this, right?"

Well, what do you know...having my birthday on April Fool's Day may not be so bad after all.

I just hope the new boyfriend doesn't snore.

Now, did someone mention cake?


On a side note, I want to thank everyone who left such supportive and encouraging comments yesterday regarding Bella. A few of you even wrote your own blog posts about what had happened, which really touched my heart.

Each and every one of you are seriously was such a wonderful feeling to have that many people in my corner!

It's too bad that BFF will probably never experience that same feeling, although I pray that he/she read each of the comments and hopefully realizes now how badly words can hurt. Registered & Protected
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