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Anti-ageing secrets: The most unusual procedures around

Posted Dec 06 2012 5:57pm

A guest post on beauty and anti aging from Isabella Franklin

How far would you go for a youthful complexion? There are many products, techniques and treatments designed to eradicate the signs of ageing – but are some a little too radical?

Here are five of the most usual unusual beauty secrets around:

Leech therapy
Believe it or not, leeches have been used for many years to fight blood clots and improve circulation post-surgery. They secrete a natural anticoagulant which stops the wound from becoming inflamed and are thought to rejuvenate the body and soul. During a 2008 appearance of the Late Show, actress Demi Moore told David Letterman “I’m feeling very detoxified right now” following leach therapy.

Bird-poo facial
Yes, that’s right; bird poo is the latest Hollywood craze. The rich and famous are rushing to their nearest salon to have nightingale faeces spread across their face – but does it really work? Well, apparently, this kind of excrement is packed with nourishing enzymes that cleanse the face. Tom Cruise and Victoria Beckham swear by it (apparently) – but would you give it a go?

Vampire facelifts
The vampire facelift is a new cosmetic procedure which involves your own blood being injected into your face. During the procedures, a sample of blood is taken and the plasma is separated from the red blood cells. This yellowy fluid is then blended with a fibrin mixture, which is injected into saggy or deflated areas. Most dermal fillers are made from Restylane or Juvederm, but this doesn’t seem to be adequate for some.

Venom eye cream
Venom seems to be the key ingredient in many beauty products these days. Everything from facemasks to eye cream contains this deadly poison which is thought to take control of muscle response and reduce lines and wrinkles. The Duchess of Cambridge reportedly had a bee venom facial before her wedding to Prince William and Debra Messing’s rumoured to use snake venom.

Vitamin drips
Most of us rely on fruit and veg to keep healthy, but some celebs turn to intravenous vitamin drips. According to his unofficial biography – Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell – the music mogul has magnesium, B vitamins and pure vitamin C pumped into his bloodstream. The drip’s designed to keep him healthy and is believed to keep him looking young.

Some people would do anything to look good, but would you give any of these beauty tips a try?

Isabella Franklin is a beauty and health blogger currently writing for Cosmetic Surgery Guru a site dedicated to providing advice and information on all surgical procedures, or if you have been considering breast enlargement surgery or thought about breast reductions then Isabella has all the advice and information you need to make an informed decision.


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