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Another BPA-Free, Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Posted Sep 08 2009 10:52pm

safesporter bpa-free stainless steel water bottle The metal water bottle market has exploded, and consumers are still riling after Sigg’s deception regarding BPA in their aluminum bottle lining.  Recently, I was sent another BPA-free, stainless steel water bottle to try, which my son adores.  The Kid Basix SafeSporter combines sports bottle with aesthetics to create a unique bottle.

Born out of the movement to eliminate plastic water bottles, the SafeSporter’s limited plastic parts do not contain BPA or phthalates.

Why go with stainless steel bottles from Kid Basix when so many BPA-free plastic bottles are available now? We can give you 300 billion reasons. That’s the approximate number of plastic water bottles discarded around the world every year. Enough to power 12 million cars for an entire year. And that’s just the water bottles! It doesn’t include all the plastic bottles used for sodas, sports drinks, fruit juices and the like. All told, the plastic bottles we throw away each year would reach to the moon and back – 1500 times. So using reusable stainless steel bottles makes sense on every level: personal, local and global.

ZRecs , the authority on kids’ water bottles, has reviewed the SafeSporter as part of their 2009 BPA Free Water Bottle Showdown.

An attractive 20-oz. stainless steel drink bottle with a sport top, flip-top cap, hard plastic base and silicone gripper sleeve. We loved this bottle’s design, ease of use, and fast flow, but the screw lid’s body, which is composed of a solid central piece and an outer ring, is relatively fragile. The outer ring broke the first time we (accidentally) dropped it, and the attached flip top won’t be hanging on for long. That said, this bottle’s combination of insulated sleeve, hinged cap, and fast flow sport top make it a good choice if you aren’t dropsy, and the base is made of very hard plastic, the most likely drop point.

We haven’t experienced any problems with our SafeSporter. At about $16 a bottle, we think this bottle will be long enough lasting to get your money’s worth. 

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